New opportunities
even greater emotions!
setting new standards in freak fights...

FAME MMA is the biggest in Europe freak fight federation and a premier combat sports organization that hosts events for celebrities, personalities, top YouTubers, Instagram, Twitch & TikTok superstars and famous professional athletes to fight each other.

Founded in 2018, FAME has run 13 large events, with the upcoming FAME MMA 14 event taking place on the 14th of May. The primary concept behind every event is to bring famous idols to an environment that you would not normally see on a daily basis, which is the octagon, to fight in front of thousands of fans in the venue and even more viewers watching the live stream available as Pay-per-view service.

FAME currently holds the top sales record in the number of sold PPV licenses in Europe.

> 5 100 000

Total Pay-per-View licenses sold

14 000

Top on-site spectators

> 260 000 000

Total views on YouTube

FAME Token
PPV Platform
Pay-per-View platform becomes part of FAME Token ecosystem allowing for acquiring special PPV licenses with even more content.
Play-2-earn, collect rewards, buy improvements, skins, bonus rounds and more… New games will enrich the FAME Token ecosystem.
Marketing & Sponsors
FAME Partners and Sponsors landscape converges with FAME Token ecosystem creating new possibilities, special offers, simplifying transactions and more.
NFT Collection
NFTs, virtual collectables of FAME fighters. Advanced 3D models created by Metahero’s state-of-the-art scanners and unique marketplace to bring FAME closer to fans.
Staking platform
Dedicated staking platform with lucrative rewards expands the investment horizon and strengthens performance of the Token, building a community of dedicated holders.


Stage 01


  • First international ambassadors
  • Onboarding sponsors from crypto space
  • First scans of NFTs
  • International fight on FAME MMA 14 event
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Global marketing campaign

Stage 02


  • First P2E finger game
  • Community voting
  • IDO
  • Tier 1 CEX listing
  • DEX listing liquidity
  • Providing staking system rewards

Stage 03


  • Onboarding new sponsors from crypto space
  • Onboarding new international ambassadors
  • NFT marketplace
  • FAME MMA stadium in Metaverse
  • FAME MMA 14 event with Metahero scanning machine
  • Production of first NFT scans

Stage 04


  • First sample of future P2E game
  • Establishing strategic partners in P2E game dev and NFTs area
  • New international celebrity fighters
  • Pay-per-view platform in FAME Token ecosystem

Stage 05


  • FAME available for purchase in physical stores
  • Additional CEX listings
  • Referral links for PPV system
  • More to be announced ...

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