Innovation Brings Value, and we bring Innovation

Stock-take of what we’ve accomplished since FAME MMA #14

Approaching the next gala with ever-increasing steps, we feel it's time to take stock of what we've accomplished so far.

What have we delivered? How many of the assumed new features and utilities of the $FAME token have we introduced? Check it out for yourselves! 👇🏽

  • Two substantial app updates 🕹
  • New Hyper Casual game 🦾
  • Application UI change ✍🏾
  • Start of Token Commerce 🛒
  • PPV for $FAME Token with 10% discount on 🏷️
  • PPV for $FAME Token with discount via app 🏷️
  • Dedicated Special Round with 2 mln $FAME for NFT FAME PASS 15 Holders 🤝
  • 2x Burning Events for $FAME tokens 🔥

In addition, we are scaling our ecosystem, strengthening and creating new connections to projects in the web3 space:

  • NFT VIP collection with TenSet
  • StepEx integration - first steps of our Partnership with
  • Development of our own NFT marketplace - start! ⏳
  •  Another partnership you definitely don't expect! ⏳

This is how history is made! What’s more to come? Join the guessing in our Telegram chats:

2 February 2023

Big Surprise!

Introducing the NFP 17 Airdrop and prize pool available to FAME PASS owners

29 January 2023

NFP 17 Snapshot date reveal

The Listeners of our recent AMA found out, that from now on you have 24 hrs to qualify for NFP 17!

27 January 2023

Non-Fungible FAME PASS 17 Reminder