We are elated to announce that the FAME token will be launching publicly on OKX exchange! This is a huge honour for our first listing to be on a TIER-1 CEX!

As one of the top exchanges in the crypto space, OKX brings a wreath of experience in listing top performing tokens, as well as a reach that only a handful of exchanges in crypto can compete with. They boast the second highest trading volume out there, with $3.6 billion daily volume! This is the perfect place for us to make our massive entry into the crypto market and blockchain world!


For those who missed the presale, this public launch will allow them the opportunity to pick up some FAME tokens and prepare to use them in our vibrant ecosystem. This is a fair launch as the listing price will start at $0.01, the same as the presale price.


We are happy to share that the collected funds from the TGLP public sale are being allocated to provide the highest quality liquidity possible. This will allow for the highest standards of trading and to ensure investors will always have the opportunity to perform trades securely into the future.


Trading will go live on OKX at 10 AM UTC on April 29 under the trading pair FAME/USDT!

Deposits enabled at 10 AM UTC April 28.

Withdrawals enabled at 10 AM UTC April 30.


Please note that it will not be possible to transfer the FAME tokens in your wallet until shortly before the public launch, which you will then be able to deposit your tokens onto OKX to trade if you wish.


This is the first and only official listing for the FAME token! We have not officially launched on PancakeSwap. The team will provide significant liquidity to PancakeSwap at a later date, which will be announced. We do not advise trading outside of the official listing on OKX until the team makes further official listing announcements. 

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