Szczegóły FAME MMA Token Presale

TGLP pre-sale of FAME MMA begins at 10:00 UTC tomorrow April 25.

We are happy to reveal official sale details:

  • Sale will take place on our website. Dedicated url link to be shared.
  • Sale will last for 48 hours
  • Guaranteed allocation for all TGLP subscribers
  • Max allocation of 2.7 BNB per subscribers (you can purchase a lower amount)
  • 100,000 FAME tokens per subscriber

All unsold tokens from TGLP will be burned. The same will be done with unsold tokens from private sale. The majority of tokens sold in the private sale have been part of the Tenset Gem Launch Platform deal (for Tenset portfolio), and strategic partners, future partners and top marketing activities. Approximately 3% of the 5% allocated in tokenomics for private sale will be sold, with the remaining 2% to be burned! 

The presale process through our FAME website will be straightforward and simple:

  • Connect your TGLP subscribed wallet to the presale tool
  • Ensure you have the required BEP20 BNB to purchase and cover transaction fees
  • Click ‘Claim FAME’ and approve the transactions on your wallet
  • Add the official contract address of FAME token to your wallet, and you will be able to see your unvested tokens once the transaction has been processed. 

10% of your FAME tokens are unlocked immediately, according to the vesting schedule outlined on tokenomics. The remaining 90% unlocks in equal parts daily over a duration of 360 days. It will not be possible to transfer the FAME tokens in your wallet until the day of public launch, April 29.

⚠️ Please be careful and avoid scams. You can NOT purchase FAME on PancakeSwap right now. There are many fake Telegram channels, make sure you are only following the official channels:

FAME announcement channel: 

FAME international chat: 

Tenset announcement channel:  

4 października 2022

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16 września 2022

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